Career, Scope and Salary in Digital Marketing

Career, Scope and Salary in Digital Marketing

With launching of Reliance JIO in India from 2016, Internet user has been increased to manifold.

Internet and digital technology has reached to metro, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 cities and villages in India.

Before launching of Reliance Jio the price or rates of data were really high, data was expensive for Users.

So thats why users were not using much internet. But now a days the condition has changed. All things all coming online.

Career, Scope and Salary in Digital Marketing
Career, Scope and Salary in Digital Marketing

Some of the popular examples are Online Business. Gone the days of standing in the queue for paying bills.

From branding awareness, lead generation, sales, marketing, remarketing all the things are done online using Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing came into existence because Traditional Marketing is done performing well today.

Some of the disadvantages of Traditional or offline marketing are as follows:

1. Traditional Marketing is very very expensive

2. Tracking is traditional marketing is not possible

3. Customer targeting by demographics is impossible.

4. Age-based targeting is not possible.

5. Traditional Marketing is not interactive

6. In this type of marketing measuring Return on Investment ROI is difficult

So considering above disadvantages of the traditional marketing, digital marketing comes into pictures with plenty of Advantages and application in real time world.

Some of the key advantages of the digital marketing are as follows:

1.Digital Marketing is affordable and less expensive than traditional marketing, that is why small business men can also afford and use for growth of their business.

2.Tracking the progress and Return on Investment ie ROI is possible in digital Marketing.

3. Digital Marketing is interactive and the customer can directly interact with business owners.

4. Targeting based on demographics, age, gender, language is possible in digital marketing

5. Digital marketing saves resources like paper, pages, machines, etc.

6. Startups can also do digital marketing because it is cost effective.

How to do career in digital marketing?

For getting started in digital marketing there is no any compulsion of the engineering or computer science  degree, any body can get started with any  education.

One must have computer basic knowledge and internet operating knowledge.

But it will be added advantage if any one have completed graduation from any stream.

You can learn digital marketing by self pace or in digital marketing institute.

In self pace you can take online courses from udemy, Google learning academy, edureka, and many other online course services are available in the market.

There are plenty of free and quality videos available on youtube where you can learn digital marketing step by step that to in our regional language also.

Playlist are available for free, Go watch that and learn and practice. Thats it . As simple as that.

Second thing is if you like to read blog then on internet plenty of blogs are available on digital marketing which will teach you digital marketing from beginner to intermediate to advance level.

Next option to learn digital marketing is offline Digital marketing training institute near by your area.

The problem of online coaching is that if we have any difficulties it is difficult for us to ask for help, we got stuck.

So in this case instructor is available to solve your queries.

So this is one of the advantage of offline digital training institute .

But the fees they charge is really high and some students can’t even afford this high fee.

But in case of online the fees are really affordable and almost everyone can afford including some exceptional cases.

Usually it will take 3 to 6 months to complete the course depending on the speed and time.

Understand the concepts theoretically first and then apply the things practically. Learn Do mistakes Learn from mistakes and learn again, this is the key to success in digital marketing field.

Try to build real time projects to show case in the interview. This will make your profile very strong and increase the chances to get hired .

Salary In digital Marketing

Well after completing the course it will be beneficial if you do any internship with or without stipend.

Learning is important in this phase rather than money or salary.

Try to do at least 3 to 6 months internship and try to learn to learn the things as much as possible.

Do the assignments assigned to you seriously.

The stipend or salary during the internship is from. Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 depending on the organization and location and your education.

After completing the internship you will have real time experience and you can apply for full time job in any start up or mid level or MNC company.

Your fresher level salary will be from Rs.15000 to any amount depending on location, organization,etc.

Salary will go on increasing as your experience increases.

Search Engine Marketing SEM Pay per Click ppc are the highest paid module in digital marketing.

Because the budget spend on this modules are much higher than other module.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Every business owner wants that his / her business should have online presence.

This online presence may be website, facebook page, youtube channel, instagram account, twitter account, pinterest account, whatsapp and linkedin.

Now customers are spending time on social media so it is very important  for business to come online and get connected with customers online.

Beacause advertisement pamphlet, television ads, newspaper ads are not giving Return on investments which they used to give few years back.

And they are becoming expensive day by day.

So brands are taking advantage of digital marketing. Small company or organization can each to targeted customer with one click without any time in short digital marketing is fast and responsive.

Developed countries like United states of America, United Kingdom, Australia are spending more and more amount on digital marketing.

Now slowly developing countries are also moving towards the digital marketing. This is just the starting phase of digital markting.

So it is the right time to learn digital marketing and do a bright career in Digital marketing. Plenty of jobs are available in digital marketing field.


At last I want to conclude by saying there is bright career , scope and Good Salary in Digital Marketing field.



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