How to Improve Google Ranking

Are you struggling for getting ranking on Google.

Ranking on the first page of the Search engine is every Digital Marketers Dream.

If you find it hard then just read this blog post and you will feel that ranking on any search engine is not hard but also not that easy.

Its procedure or protocol that we have to follow and have some patience.

If I can rank on Google then you can also do the same.

Lets see one by one the checklist of on page seo.

1.Include keyword in title

Including keyword in title is one of the important factor in on page SEO.

Optimized and SEO friendly title is of 60 words. Try to embed keyword in title properly.


In on page SEO Click Through Rate is the imporatnt signal to Google.

This CTR can be increased by writing appealing and attractive title which will attract the user to click on our link.

Don’t try to exceed the length of title beyond 60 characters because it will be discarded or ignored by google.

2.Keywords in Meta Description

Meta Description is data which informs search engine that about what our blog post or is a summary about blog post content.

Meta description is 160 characters which users sees below url.

Meta Description Screenshot
Meta Description Screenshot

Try to include focus keywords in the meta description.

Bold the focus keyword so that itt will help search engine to understand the what about the post is.

Meta description appears below the url.

How to Improve Google Ranking
How to Improve Google Ranking

3.No-Index Tag

On Some pages they contains meta tag of No Index.

This tag informs google search engine that do not index this page or post.

No index tag is used when we do not wish to index the page or post.

Be sure to check that the post you want to index and rank the post should not contain any no index tag.

4.Https / SSL Certificate

SSL stands for secure socket layer.

If SSL certificate is installed then in the address bar it shows not secure.

If SSL certificate is installed then address bar shows https and lock symbol.

The major difference between http and https is http operates on port number 80 and https operates on port number 443.

The information in http gets travels in plain text format while in https state information travels in an encrypted format.

HTTPS is key Google Ranking factor.

It increases the security and trust factor for Google Ranking.

5.Mobile First Indexing / Mobile Friendly / Responsive

Mobile first indexing or mobile friendly or responsive means your website or blog should be optimized for mobile.

Because 80% or more users come from mobile and rest of user surfs the website using desktop.

Responsive website or blog means website should adjust the design according to browser and devices.

We can check whether the website is mobile friendly or not using Google Page Insight Tool.

6. Heading Tags, H1, H2, H3, H4 , H5, H6

Heading tags, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 are important in SEO point of view.

The post title should be in H1 Tag.

H1 tag programmatically written as <H1> and end as </H1>

H2 tag is used to write subheading.

H2 tag programmatically written as <H2> and ended as </H2>

Try to include keywords in all tags.

Example of Heading Tags are as Follows:

This is practical example of H1

This is practical example of H2

This is practical example of H3

This is practical example of H4

This is practical example of H5
This is practical example of H6

7.URL Structure

URL Structure is also known as permalink.

URL Structure should be neat and clean and easy  to undersatnd for user.

It be beneficial if one uses keyword in the url structure or permalink.

It should not contain any number or special character.

Keep permalink short that is of two to four words only don’t keep it big or lengthy.

Example if my keyword is off page seo then my url structure or permalink will be

8.CTR Optimization

Click Through Rate is important factor which affects the google ranking factor.

Click Through Rate is calculated as (Number of Clicks / Number of Impression) * 100

More the CTR more the chances to get the top ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) .

Now the question is how to increase the ctr or to optimize it. Well the solution is write the title that will attract the user.

Use terms like updated, seceret, 2019, use numbers , use braces.

Example : 7 seceret ways to lose weight in 7 days without Dieting in 2019 {updated}?

9.Keywords framing at starting of the post

Try to include focus keyword at starting of the blog post.

Including the keywords is called as keyword density. It should be 1-2 percent ideally.

Supppose the blog post length is 1000 then keyword count should be 10-20.

Do not try to include the keywords forcefully. This will come in the eye of the Google that you are doing keyword stuffing.

This will have negative impact on the Google ranking.


-While using images in the website be sure that use are using .jpeg/.jpg or .png.

-Keep size of image low .

-Maintain the quality of the image let it resolution/pixels, so that user will feel interested.

-Use alt tag, use keyword as alt tag, use meaningful caption, use title which will indicate the summary of image.

-Use resmushit plugin to compress the image size.

-Ideal size of Image is  628*416

-Include meaningful title in the image.

-Also keep the keyword in the caption of the image.

-Do not use copyright


SEO is continuous and needs patience its not that it will work overnight.

Follow above on page seo factors and rock.

Lets revise all those factors.


-Meta Description

-Rich Snippets for review websites.

-Featured data

-Permalink or uniform resource locator structure

-Page speed or loading speed

-User Experience

-Image Optimisation

-Heading tags

-Internal Linking

-External or outbound linking

-Click Through Rate Optimisation

-Secure Socket Layer or Hyper Text Tranfer Protocol

-Mobile First Indexing or Responsive

So readers Follow all the above factors and rank easily.

Happy Ranking.


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