What is App Store Optimisation ASO?

What is App Store Optimisation ASO?

Most of us have heard the word SEO search engine optimization in website development.

But many of us haven’t heard the word or term App Store Optimization. In 2019 we are living in a world of mobile applications.

Nowadays users prefer using mobile applications. People prefer android , and ios app mostly.

For real-time example, we have both application and website of Flipkart, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, etc.

But users like using an application on their app.

What is app store optimisation
What is app store optimisation

Apps have more and more advantages over the website.

Google has Google play store where millions of applications are available for free and paid.

They have Applications, games, books, etc.

User comes in the play store, search for the particular application and install it in their phone and use it.

Following are some of the factors for app store rankings in Google play store.

1.Keyword in the title of application

Let’s suppose you want to rank application which is helping users for getting popular hashtags.

So hashtag is your focus keyword.

Try to do proper keyword research using Google Keyword Planner.

Using keyword in the title is one of major factor affecting the App store optimization.

Example of using keyword in the title is Amazon.

Amazon : Online shopping app in India.

2.Keyword in the short description of the application

Including keyword in the short description of the application is second factor affecting the ranking of the appliaction.

Google play Store provides limit of 80 words in which you have to place your keyword such that it look small and sweet and meaningful short description.

Try to include keyword at start of the short description.

3.Keyword in the Long description of the application

For best ranking you must include keyword in the long description of the application.

Try to write keyword in bold formatting.

Here long description word limit is 5000.

In this section you can write all features of application, uses of applications and all other related information about application.

4.Attractive Screenshots

Research says that factor affecting the number of downloads of app is user creatives like screenshots.

Screenshot describes the features present in app, uses of app, user interface of the app, it is like the packaging of the product.

Use a professional and attractive screenshot with a clear message that influences the user to download the app.

Free and paid tools are available to design attractive screenshots.

Photoshop is one of the great tools to design screenshot.

Applaunchpad, canva  etc can be used to design paid professional screenshot with different mobile mockups.

5. Use an attractive icon

Many users takes decision to download the app by looking at icon of the app.

Use icon which clearly shows about what the application is all about. It should eye catchy and should convey clear message.

keep icon in png format only.

6.Try to keep app size as less as possible

Yes, you read it correct. App size should be as less as possible.

The reason behind it is psychological. Though internet in India has increased to so much extent. But today also many villages and also towns faces the problem of slow internet connection.

So if app size is less then user feels easy to download and user downloads it quickly and uses it regularly provided that you provide some value to users through app.

There are now inbuilt feature in android studio called Android App Bundle also known as AKA AAB.

Android App Bundle reduces the size of the application by 10% of total size. Let’s say the size of any app is 10 MB then if you use Android App Bundle the size of the app will be 9.5 MB. It will definitely affect your number of downloads and ultimately increases the ranking of application.

7.Ratings and Reviews of Application

Ratings and Reviews of application is very important factor of App Store Optimisation.

Positive ratings impacts the ranking and downloads of android app.

Try to get more and more ratings for your application.

Try to communicate with users and if ask them if they like the app they can rate and review the app.

Reviews are also very important and play very crucial role in app store optimization.

If the focus keyword is present in the reviews then it send positive signal to Google Play Store and your searches and rank increases and downloads of your app increases.

Do not force the user to give ratings and reviews but be natural to get reviews and ratings.

Do not force to give you 5 stars and positive reviews let them give what they feel, if it is positive then well and good if negative reviews and ratings then try to improve and do analysis.

Review is great way to improve your app features and get feedback from users.

8.Increase the number of downloads

If your number of downloads are more then google will give you more priority and it shows the app in top of search results.

Indirectly number of downloads is a factor affecting the App store optimisation.

You can help of Universal App Campaign of Google Ads and Facebook app installs.

There are also other app download increasing services. You can search it on internet and also take help of freelancer services to optimise and increase the app downloads.

9.Share the app link to as many people as possible 

Share the app link on all social media like facebook, whatsapp, linkedin, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtubeetc.

As we know that there is huge customer base on all this social media platform so you will get many numbers of downloads if users are interested.

If the app is related to educational, professional, corporate or business to business b2b then use linkedin platform.

If the app is related to ecommerce , entertainment or media then use instagram , facebook or whatsapp.

Use stories features to gain attention of user.

Try to create infographics, give some useful content in infographics and place the app link below with powerful Call to Action CTA. user will watch the infographics in pinterest and if they are interested then they will download and use your application.

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